Suzanne Tonaire

 I began entertaining the public at the tender age of 5, crooning Shirley Temple classics. "On the Good Ship Lollipop" was my favorite. What my parents wanted was for me to land a gig on the Lawrence Welk Show. I was too busy checking out the next rock 'n roll act on stage with Ed Sullivan or thinking about the next episode of the MOD SQUAD. Yet, I still don't know how they talked me into taking accordion lessons. I wrote the book on "How to Avoid Geekism in Junior High School". This is where I developed my sense of humor. ACCORDIAN HELL lasted until 1972 when I picked up the title of 4th Best Accordian Player in Massachusetts, in my age group, and haven't picked up the accordian since. So, don't be scared for me. College-bound with raw vocal talent, I enrolled in the most difficult of training -- opera. But did I really want to be there on stage when the fat lady sang "NO WAY MAN!!" So I quit school and joined a rock 'n roll band and lived the life of a lounge singer for the next several years. Yikes!


In 1982, I captured the title of MISS NORTHERN RHODE ISLAND, and won some money and went back to college. I jumped right into the drivers seat of college radio, thus leading me to the airwaves.  My 1st love is and always will be new rock... I wrote and performed with the Post-Modern Garage Rock sensation RADIO SILENCE at our own S.O.E. STUDIOS based in South Orleans, Cape Cod. We are gearing up for yet another recording and more video too!Stay tuned to MAGNIFICENT TOURIST web site for details on performances, photos, lyrics, videos, song clips, recordings, and more...Most of my energy is derived from moonstone often found around my neck.  Remember...? "The space between the notes relates the color to the scene..."



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