Paul DeSilva

     My first experience with music was my mother's heartbeat. It was at this early crossroad I realized my destiny would be to play drums... Throughout my childhood I tormented my parents, siblings, friends, neighbors, teachers, and classmates by incessantly banging, pounding, and tapping on those magic surfaces that would produce the loudest, most obnoxious tones. Finally sealing my fate, I assume in a moment of demonic possession, my parents gave me a drum kit. My life went from wanting to pilot the next SATURN 5 to the moon, to worship of the likes of Keith Moon. Yes, there would be conflict... At the tender age of 9, I received death threats from the sixth grade music teacher. He "permanently banned" me from the school marching band room for the minor offense of taking all the band's dozen drums and cymbals, re-arranging and re-tuning them into one huge  rock kit... Now I was on my own. To practice, I rigged a medieval vinyl disc player to a 400 watt P.A. system, insuring that satisfying ear-bleeding concert-like level. I would emulate the styles of Keith Moon, John Bonham, Bill Bruford, Carl Palmer, Steward Copeland, and Terry Bozzio for hours daily and would rehearse sometimes until I broke all my sticks! This was cause for countless interruptions by music hating neighbors, angry police, and murderous parents! What's a boy to do? In my teen years, the desire to perform jelled. My first real band was called the "Red Devils" appropriate I think, but I could also be found with such oddities as " Ma-Sane", "Cold Sweat", "Provincetown Band", and "Race Point". We rehearsed daily in  basements, garages, a refrigerator trailer, community centers, parish halls, and who could forget the unheated summer cottage during the New England winter? We played at New England area clubs, schools, colleges, and arenas. Many of the early gigs we piled into the sound crew's van because we were not old enough to drive. The height of my Higher Education was at U-Mass. @ Amherst working in the "Electronic Music" Studio in the basement of the Fine Arts Center as a student of Dr. Charles Bestor.   I was on payroll at U-Mass as a Technical Assistant to the cinematography classes of  Carolyn Anderson.  In these years, I  was deeply involved with producing short 16mm films / videos, their soundtracks, and experimenting with holographic imaging. These experiences prepared me for my immediate future... Feeling the time was right for the grand pilgrimage to Hollywood,  I left Amherst for Los Angeles. Once there,  I'd find myself making a living in photography and starting a family.  I did photographic work for such accounts as Capitol Records, EMI, Warner Bros, Paramount, Disney and Universal. Also during this time, I did graphics work for many of L.A.'s major advertising agencies and for photography for industry...


     Musically, we had a few years of minor success performing in Los Angeles' notable dens of iniquity. Finally we got a record deal. We all got locked up in one of L.A.'s more  well traveled recording studios,  for almost 24 hours a day...for 2 months straight! Long story short stardom was not in the stars... I purchased some basic multi-track recording equipment and set-up a small studio. Aided by photoshop , MP3's, the vast mass marketing potential of the internet, fused together  became S.O.E. Studios. S.O.E. Studios is the origin of the unique and distinct sound / genre of "Post Modern Garage Rock". While based in the South Bay Area of L.A.,  S.O.E. Studios recorded the likes of "The Mode", "Cairo", "Drama ", And " Main Frame". In recent years, I have been either, and, or a drummer / vocalist / keyboardist with the likes of "Link Montana", "Landing Party", "The Penetrators", "Section 8", and  presently "Radio Silence". We continue to receive  kind  feedback  from fans around the world... Thank You ! Our original music library spans well into the last century. From 1979-present our recordings can be found on countless audio cassettes, vinyl, and CDs. A vast cross section of our   Songs and Videos are available to stream free. All videos are originally created in conjunction with our  production / publishing company A Kaos Group (A.S.C.A.P. publisher).  A few notable creative milestones... I have composed a couple  electronic symphonies, produced several short films, various soundtracks, and scores of music videos. I have had the honor of performing live with great talents that have startled audiences from L.A. to Boston.  My passions are to continue to create  new music with Magnificent Tourist, and  whether it be photography, music, and/or video, as long as I may intrigue you to listen and watch, I will continue... Presently I am grandfather of 3,  a father of four and married happy, happy many decades to their beautiful mother. I can be found never far from the ocean working and enjoying our life's together residing on our tiny 18th century farm on Cape Cod on Coastal New England.



Original Recordings