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"DOIN' TIME"  Production Video on YouTube

The origin of Magnificent Tourist begins with the "Apostles of Rhythm" bassist Jon Lambrou and drummer/vocalist Paul DeSilva. They have been in bands since they were 12, and played many venues before they were old enough to drive. Both originally from Provincetown (MA.), they played in many local bands, the most memorable may be "The Provincetown Band". Gigging all over Cape Cod, Greater Boston, Worcester, and Amherst Areas from 1972 - 1981. In 1981, Jon and Paul moved to Los Angeles recorded and performed with a few great original artists most notably rock/reggae band "The Mode". We performed in many of same local dens of iniquity as The Doors, Van Halen, and No Doubt. We received a record deal for our album "Chasin' The Dragon" and laid down the vinyl. A valuable experience, we learned how to produce our own music, and that could be done anywhere there was electricity...
In 1987, we moved back to the Cape. That same year, Suzanne Tonaire joined us in our new band "Section 8" after a homegrown music interview at PIXY 103 (Hyannis rock radio) where Suzanne was working at the time. Both Suzanne and Paul have strong vocals and many times we will sing together creating complex textures. In the next 8 years we would write and record scores of songs building up our repertoire.
In 1995, "Radio Silence" was born to Jon, Paul, and Suzanne. It was at this juncture our sound had truly jelled into its own genre - "post modern garage rock". We have been fortunate aided over the last 2 decades by the fine talents of many transient troubadours both live and "in studio" (too numerous to mention) Thank You ALL! Since 2010, Dave Gilmore has filled the guitarist post in Radio Silence. Dave worked with Radio Silence in the past on our video productions, and as a recording engineer in the studio. He also has had a long background in the local music scene.
In 2014, the members of 'Radio Silence' began work on a side project - "Magnificent Tourist". Musically, it's a totally different direction which is embodied in "Magnificent Tourist" first album "gone native" all five songs have a very beachy theme... The songs "Frankie Bottles Shuffle"(dedicated to Francis Souza - local Provincetown Fisherman) and "Invasion of the Starfish" both getting airplay on WOMR, WPXC and WATD.
In 2019, former Radio Silence bandmate (1995-98), lead guitarist, and vocalist Treg Kaeselau joined up with "Magnificent Tourist". We have been in the studio rehearsing live, keeping our chops sharp. We released a couple original recordings from these sessions " Do'in Time" and "Y can't U" in August of 2021. We are presently in pre-production mode, this Spring we will begin recording several new original songs over the next several months... STAY TUNED!

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